Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Classical Painting

This is my cousin Brennan. I used a water color filter to try to make it look like a real painting.  The left one is the original and the right one is the classical painting.

Creative Blurring

The picture on the right is the picture with the blurring.  I cut out around The Flash and  I added the radical blurring.  It blurred the background and it kept the subject normal.

Self Portrait With Different Backgrounds

Here is a self portrait of myself with different backgrounds.  I cut my self out and I found a bunch of pictures online and put it behind me.

Self Portrait With Different Filters

I took a lot of pictures of myself and I used different filters on the pictures and put it all on this blank file.

Friday, March 17, 2017

30 Day Photo Challenge 2

Day 1: Favorite Food

Day 2: Smile

Day 3: Happiness

                                  Day 4: Leaves                                

Day 5: Morning Sky

 Day 6: Books

Day 7: Something Funny

 Day 8: Favorite Color

 Day 9: Inspiring Person

 Day 10: Nature

Day 11: Something Old

Day 12: Hair

 Day 13: Written Words

Day 14: Movement

 Day 15: Leading Lines

Day 16: Symmetry and Patterns 

 Day 17: Framing

 Day 18: Depth of Field

 Day 19: Rule of Thirds

 Day 20: Best Friend

Day 21: Where you Sleep

Day 22: In your Closet

Day 23: Gratitude

Day 24: Something New

Day 25: Animals

Day 26: Worms Eye View of Trees

Day 27: Artwork

Day 28: Daily Routine

Day 29: Nighttime

Day 30: Light