Monday, May 22, 2017

Dispersion Effect

The top photo is the dispersion effect.  I used three different pictures of Tyler from dude perfect and used a brush make it look like there were left over hims behind him.

Friday, May 19, 2017


This the Zombify assignment.  I took a picture of my neighbor, Jake, and I turned him into a zombie.  I took cracked green stone and I turned the opacity down.  I then added a blood stain picture on his forehead.

Celebrity Photobomb

This is my celebrity photobomb.  This is my grandpa and grandma and I photoshoped Cory from DudePerfect into the picture. 
Related image

Contour Collage

This is my Contour Collage.  I put many items that represent me around my face.

Photoshop Makeover

This is my photoshop makeover.  I got rid of my birthmark, part of my braces, and I added a beard and mustache.  I also added slightly blue hair that looks like gray hair.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cartoon head

This is my cartoon head.  I drew a cartoon head in sketchbook pro and I erased the background and put the head on top of my head.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Create your own font

This is my font that I made in Fontstruct.

Hybrid Character

 This is my Hybrid character.   I took hulk, the flash, spiderman, and Iron man and put all of the characters together.

Colorized Image

This is my colorized image.  The top one is colored and the bottom is the one I drew on a piece of paper.  Then I scanned it and colored it on photoshop.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Top 5

Coloring Book

Disproportionate Photo 

Look who's at our school

Impressionist Portrait

Fruit Person

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Animated .gif

This is my animated .gif.  I took a video of my brother swinging a stick.  I then opened it in adobe after effects and followed the stick with a mask tool.  I then made a blue glow around the white mask and converted the picture into pictures.  After that I opened it in photoshop cc and made it into a repeating gif.

Panoramic Image

This is my Panoramic Image.  I took 6 pictures and merged them together.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Retouching Assignment

The top is the one I fixed up.  The one below is the original.  I removed some of the wriggles and made the head less reflective on the top.


This is my creepy picture of me on a baby magazine.  I used a low opacity eraser to blend my face into the baby's.  My face looks really creepy.

Movie Poster

This is my movie poster assignment.  This is the hulk and I added my face on the other.  I changed the color of my face and added a little more hair to cover up the edges.

Photo Collage With Text Features

This is my photo collage with text features.  I took pictures and added text.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Classical Painting

This is my cousin Brennan. I used a water color filter to try to make it look like a real painting.  The left one is the original and the right one is the classical painting.

Creative Blurring

The picture on the right is the picture with the blurring.  I cut out around The Flash and  I added the radical blurring.  It blurred the background and it kept the subject normal.

Self Portrait With Different Backgrounds

Here is a self portrait of myself with different backgrounds.  I cut my self out and I found a bunch of pictures online and put it behind me.

Self Portrait With Different Filters

I took a lot of pictures of myself and I used different filters on the pictures and put it all on this blank file.

Friday, March 17, 2017

30 Day Photo Challenge 2

Day 1: Favorite Food

Day 2: Smile

Day 3: Happiness

                                  Day 4: Leaves                                

Day 5: Morning Sky

 Day 6: Books

Day 7: Something Funny

 Day 8: Favorite Color

 Day 9: Inspiring Person

 Day 10: Nature

Day 11: Something Old

Day 12: Hair

 Day 13: Written Words

Day 14: Movement

 Day 15: Leading Lines

Day 16: Symmetry and Patterns 

 Day 17: Framing

 Day 18: Depth of Field

 Day 19: Rule of Thirds

 Day 20: Best Friend

Day 21: Where you Sleep

Day 22: In your Closet

Day 23: Gratitude

Day 24: Something New

Day 25: Animals

Day 26: Worms Eye View of Trees

Day 27: Artwork

Day 28: Daily Routine

Day 29: Nighttime

Day 30: Light