Monday, June 5, 2017

Image Inside Text

This is my Image Inside Text.  I added a picture of Los Angeles and used the water tool to move the font around.  I then took a picture of the Dodgers and blurred it.

Create and Album Cover

This is my Album Cover.  I took a rainbow and added black streaks.  I then took the water tool and made a swirl with the rainbow.


The First Link is 2 mins long and is a music video.
The Second Link is 30secs long and is a random video and is more logical.
This is my stop motion animation with music.  I animated the Lego figures and created the video with istopmotion.  I then used adobe after effects to add music.  It is really choppy because I moved the Lego's a lot.  It looks okay though.  The video ends at 2:22.  It just blanked out and continued after it ended.  The video above does not work so here is the link to watch it.  I don't know why doesn't let you post videos.  Sorry if you don't like the music.  It is the only thing I could find that fits the stop motion I made at this time.  YOUR WELCOME.
The second link is my first video I made, but is not 1 minute long.

Surreal Human and Nature Portrait

I removed his body and added water and made his hair on fire.  I then blended the fire with his head and his neck with the water.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


This is my Hockney-esque.  I took squares of this picture of my brother and moved it into different places with lines anther picture.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Shape and Color a Cartoon Character

I made this character in photoshop with cookie cut outs.
Personality-Angry, Mean, Selfish
Birth Place-Clouds
Current Location-Earth
Favorite Thing-Money
Least Favorite Thing- Fish
Occupation- Stealing Things

Stranger Photos

Ten head shots of people I don't know.